Sleepyhead band


sleepyhead are an indie-pop duo from Manchester, England. They write, record and produce all of their songs themselves. After writing continuously throughout university; sending each other song ideas from different cities, as soon as Seb Reid (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) and Matt Davies (Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar) graduated they began releasing music under ‘sleepyhead’. After releasing their 4-track ‘Outside’ EP in 2019, their double A-side ‘Night Songs’ was released the following year, catching the attention of Landr who named them their ‘Rising Artist’. The pair are currently working on a 12-track album out later this year, of which the first 2 singles – ‘Long Goodbye’ and ‘Centrefold’ – are out now!

"Sugar-sweet indie pop with a sparkling summer energy and a rosy melody – songs to soothe your mind."

Ellie Howorth

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